10 driving fails that we all experience

And they always tend to happen at the worst possible moment…

Sometimes things just happen that we have no control over, but still we feel irritated, sad or even outraged. Here are the top 10 car fails that happens to everyone:

1. When you get a flat tyre and you really want to be that woman changing a tyre, but you’re just not.

2. When you see a car you really want, but can’t afford.

3. When you’re driving (or driving in) your boyfriend’s (questionable) pimped-out car and hope people don’t misjudge you as a gangster.

4. When you pull away too fast and your car stalls in the middle of the road, but inside you are like – ‘I know how to drive’.

5. When there is NOWHERE else to park and you just HAVE TO risk trying to get into that very, very tight parallel parking spot…

6. When you are trying to parallel park in peak traffic.

7. When you locked your keys in the car.

8. When you hit the pavement with your tyre.

9. When you notice a parking spot in the heavily congested parking area, but then someone else takes it.

10. When you’ve left the lights on and the battery dies.