Alfa Romeo Stelvio wins Quattroruote 'New Car of the Year 2018'

The Alfa Romeo brand’s first SUV wins the monthly magazine’s most coveted prize…

Stelvio wins yet another top award. Chosen by Quattroruote readers, the Alfa Romeo brand’s first SUV wins the monthly magazine’s mostcoveted prize. On the awards roll of honour, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio’s name follows directly after the Giulia sports sedan, which won the title in 2017.

The award ceremony took place today in Milan, on “Quattroruote Day” (anniversary of the first issue of the principal magazine which was established in 1956. Quattroruote translated means Four Wheels ) The award was presented to Alfredo Altavilla, Chief Operating Officer  FCA Emea, before an audience of leading personalities from industry, journalism and the automotive sector.

With 34.2% of the votes cast by Quattroruote readers on the magazine’s website, Alfa Romeo’s first SUV finished ahead of no fewer than 12 models from different segments and brands. The victory is even more impressive in view of the large gap separating Stelvio from the second and third placed cars (with 10% and 9.2% of the votes respectively).

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First held in 2000, the competition has been won by a total of twelve FCA models, most recently last year by the Giulia sports sedan, the trailblazer for the new Alfa Romeo generation which, like the Stelvio SUV, represents the excellence of Italian automotive design and engineering worldwide. What’s more, in FCA’s view, the readers’ passionate interest in this title also underlines the standing of Quattroruote itself and its entire editorial staff.

The “New Car of the Year 2018” award confirms Stelvio’s undisputed appeal to a vast public. This is thanks to itselegant, sporty style, combined with its superlative handling and the supreme performance it delivers. Stelvio expresses the genuine “Alfa spirit”, embodied in a sport utility vehicle for the first time in over a century of history. The model also stands for unbeatable safety, reflected by the sought-after Euro NCAP five star rating, and proudly holds the title of “fastest SUV around the circuit” after Stelvio Quadrifoglio set the lap record at Germany’s legendary Nürburgring.

Via: Fiat Group Automobiles South Africa