Did Bruce Jenner's texting cause the fatal crash?

Bruce Jenner was reportedly involved in a chain-reaction car crash

Bruce Jenner was reportedly involved in a chain-reaction car crash that left one person dead in Malibu, USA.

YOU reported that, Jenner, famous Olympic medalist and ex-husband to Kris Jenner, was driving a black Cadillac Escalade when he rear-ended a Lexus sedan that slammed into a Toyota Prius that had slowed down or stopped on the highway. The Lexus veered into oncoming traffic and collided head-on with a black Hummer. The driver of the Lexus was pronounced dead at the scene.

However, Bruce Jenner admitted he was not texting and driving when the accident happened. It is reported that Jenner said he will provide cellphone records if necessary, for the police to investigate the case further. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officials said investigators will likely seek cellphone records for all the drivers to determine if distracted driving played a role in the accident.

In his first comments since the crash on Saturday, he called the accident “a devastating tragedy” and vowed to cooperate with investigators.

These are his words, “My heartfelt and deepest sympathies go out to the family and loved ones, and to all of those who were involved or injured in this terrible accident. It is a devastating tragedy I cannot pretend to imagine what this family is going through at this time. I am praying for them.”

The crash was captured by celebrity photographers who posted the photos to Twitter:




(Image Source: Twitter, @cnnbrk)