Car essentials to help you tidy up your mommobile

Essentials to help you preserve the interior of your car…and your sanity.

Mommobiles suffer from a bad reputation of being full of crumbs, earth, dirt and possibly an old sandwich wedged between the seats. Luckily there are products out there that can not only preserve the interior of your car but also preserve your sanity.

We’ve asked working mum of two, Nicole Muller, Event Director for the forthcoming Baby Show & #MeetUp taking place September 28 – 30, at Kyalami Convention Centre, for her top four products every mum should have in her car.

1) An easy to remove and clean child seat cover


‘’I have found that an easy-to-remove and easy-to-clean car seat cover is invaluable’’ says Muller. ‘’But my favourite are the Be Safe range. They are made of high-quality bamboo jersey and cotton lining. Fitting the product onto the seat is easy, and taking it off to clean is even easier’’

2) Invest in a ToyToggle

‘’A ToyToggle stops toys and bottles from constantly being dropped on the floor’’ says Muller. ‘’This is an amazing gadget to have in the car as it keeps your child’s toys, bottles, sippy-cups or dummies (and more!) securely attached to their car seat. Never again will you have to pull over to the side of the road to rescue the elusive dummy that’s fallen under the seat again!’’

3) A Jean Kelly changing pouch

‘’An emergency kit is always a must have for any car trip. This practical clutch includes a padded changing mat and storage for babies changing essentials” says Muller.

4) A back seat organiser

‘’No matter what shape or form, I find an organiser which you can hang on the back of the driver or front passenger seat, works wonders to keep some sort of order to the toys in your car” advises Muller. ‘’There are many different brands in the market, but the only one that has been crash tested, is the Be Safe tablet holder, which comes with additional pouches for toys” Muller concludes.

All these products and more can be found at the Baby Show & #MeetUp which is debuting this weekend at the Kyalami Convention Centre. Click here for more info.