Driving: The BMW M240i Convertible

Transforms from elegantly luxurious to exhilaratingly racy in 4,7 seconds!

This week, we’ve been driving BMW’s M240i convertible, and while Cape Town’s scenic coastal roads include some of the most luxurious locations in the world, this was the perfect vehicle to experience it in!

I love BMW’s 2 series range. For me, it includes some of the most good-looking BMW’s around. The M240i adds sportier styling and dynamic driving performance and after spending a week bonding with it, what stands out is a perfect combination of track-focused qualities and luxury. In other words, if you’re looking for a sport-car-like vehicle that incorporates comfortable and convenient features for every day driving, the BMW 240i is a worthy consideration.

It’s got the look

You don’t need to be an experienced photographer to capture the M240i’s sophisticated and stylish personality. While there are many good-looking convertibles out there, the M240i is in a league of its own and with its top down, it exudes a unique sort of ‘coolness’ that differentiates itself from its competitors.

Its sharp-looking front end with new LED headlights and grille gives the M240i its dynamic appearance. We drove the ‘Mineral Grey’ colour, which made for a nice contrast from its tan-coloured interior, but there are also 3 new exterior colours to choose from, including Seaside Blue, Mediterranean Blue and Sunset Orange.

Luxury interior

Inside, the M240i is one of the most comfortable sport-car-like convertibles I’ve been in. Space in the driver and front passenger area is ample and cosy, the seats are supportive and snug, and everything around you is soft and smooth to touch. I love the feel of the steering-wheel, but felt it was rather large in comparison to the car’s proportions, perhaps a flat-bottomed, more sporty or smaller steering-wheel would have been better suited but again, once you’re opening up on the road, this no longer crosses your mind.

Ample storage space includes two large cupholders in the centre console with a retractable tray just ahead of that. A shallow storage bin under the armrest and door bins give you a number of places to store things like phones and keys.

Things aren’t quite as spacious for adults in the back, but two child seats are easily manageable. Two cup holders have been installed at the back too.

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The high-resolution 8.8-inch central display now comes in touchscreen form if the optional Navigation system Professional is specified. BMW’s iDrive operating system is easy-to-use and adds a whole lot of convenience with options such as a ‘Concierge Service,’ through BMW’s Connected Drive system, which uses a standard sim SIM card integrated into the car.

Other systems such as Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function, Lane Departure Warning and City Collision Mitigation (to name a few) add to its list of safety features for peace of mind.

The beast within!

The M240i convertible offers 250 kW and a whopping 500 N.m of torque from a 6-cylinder, 3.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine.

I find that a lot of cars with this much power under the skin, can be a bit much for your average day-to-day driving and commutes, even when you’ve selected the appropriate driving mode. What I loved about the M240i’s engine is that although its got a whole lot of power, (more than enough to give you that track-like experience if you wanted to) it manages to transform nicely to offer a comfortable, leisurely and well-behaved driving experience for your every day driving. Pop it into ‘Eco’ mode and everything quietens and softens up to give you a relaxing and more fuel efficient driving dynamic.

To unleash the beast within the bonnet, ‘Sport’ and ‘Sport+” modes blast the M240i into the track-performing racer it’s known for, and it’s got a real growl to match its aggressive performance – you won’t go unnoticed, that’s for sure! Drop the top and you’ll get an even better acoustic performance. It powers from 0 – 100km in just 4,7 seconds and reaches a top speed at 250 km/h.

The M240i convertible is only offered with an automatic gearbox in South Africa, but through an 8-speed Steptronic gearbox with steering-wheel mounted paddle-shifters, there’s more than enough to keep you in control and once you’re in the Sport modes, you won’t be thinking about any other gearbox!


If you’re looking for a convertible for those luxury Sunday afternoon cruises along the coast, but that easily transforms into a powerfully potent pocket-rocket when the kids are at home, the BMW M240i really gives you just that.

The BMW 240i Convertible is priced at R808, 286.

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