Nissan South Africa and AIDC achieve international recognition

Nissan South Africa in partnership with the Automotive Industry Development Centre achieves International recognition of training by UK’s Motor Industry Body…

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) announced that the Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC), in partnership with Nissan South Africa has successfully met the training criteria to become an IMI Approved International Centre in South Africa.

After successfully completing a three-day assessment, the AIDC’s two Automotive Learning Centres in Rosslyn are now able to grant IMI International Qualifications to its learners. The IMI’s Quality Assessment process enables the AIDC students to study and gain new skills in the automotive industry.

The IMI’s approval of the AIDC/Nissan partnership is also an independent assurance of professional standards and training quality, which sets a benchmark for professionalism in the automotive industry.

“Like the AIDC, we at Nissan also believe that the basic principles for success are transparency, diversity, learning, and constantly challenging people to produce their best work.   While the future of South Africa isn’t in any doubt, Nissan’s partnership with the AIDC will assist in addressing some of the challenges currently being experienced with skills development in the industry, allowing for opportunities to grow,” says Nabiel Conybeare, Director of HR Nissan South Africa.

“I am delighted that the Gauteng Automotive Learning Centre has been accredited by the UK based Institute of the Motor Industry. This does not only validate our skills programme but iraises us to globally competitive standards.  It gives us an opportunity to be part of the international automotive industry community,” said Dr Masondo, AIDC Chief Executive officer.

Both organisations are committed to the further development of automotive training and education to upskill individuals who are key to the business’ success and personal prosperity.

“The IMI is the world’s only automotive specific Professional Body and international awarding organisation, and our partnership with AIDC and Nissan South Africa demonstrates the value of collaboration to South African learners. The IMI’s added value and efficiencies to the provision of training will help to establish a benchmark for international standards in this region.” Said Herbert Lonsdale, International Manager at the IMI,

Bajith Panday, the IMI’s Business Development Manager praised the great team effort that resulted in a successful External Quality Assurance visit and a significant milestone in South Africa’s automotive vocational training provision.

Via: Nissan South Africa