POLL: What is your company doing to ease Cape Town's traffic congestion?

The City of Cape Town is implementing flexi working hours and remote working arrangements to help ease Cape Town’s traffic congestion….

Earlier this year (May 2018) the City of Cape Town announced that it was in the process of implementing flexible work hours for employees. It also announced plans to incorporate remote working arrangements for certain members of staff, with hopes that the strategy would extend to private employees.

The aim of the planned implementation is to ease Cape Town’s worsening traffic congestion, which studies suggest have contributed to the slow-running of businesses in the city. If you live and work in Cape Town, you’ve no doubt experienced the increase in traffic and it goes without saying that something needs to be done!

Plans for WOW’s holding company, Associated Media, and its employees will involve the identification of certain employees who are able to work from home.

“What makes our organisation extremely unique, is that 90% of our employees are women. Having a work/life balance is therefore extremely important to our employees. One of the ways to ensure this balance is to allow for workplace flexibility as this will ensure that we attract and retain the best talent for our organisation,” says Silke Rathbone, Head of HR at Associated Media.

In a report by TomTom’s Traffic index, Cape Town was listed to be the worst in the country as far as traffic congestion goes.

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We’d like to hear from our readers and find out how many employers plan to get involved in the implementations of flexi hours and remote working arrangements…