SA Celebs And Their Cars

A look at what some of SA’s female celebs are driving and what they get up to in their cars…

We caught up with some of SA’s female celebs to find out what they’re driving, what they get up to with their cars and how they stay safe on the roads…

Angel Campey

Comedian. Her wheels: FIAT 500C

MY CAR IS CALLED MINION, because it really looks like one. My two- and four-year-old nieces get very excited when Aunty Angel visits and they get to see “Minion”. I bought it second-hand in 2014.

I REALLY WANTED A FIAT 500 BECAUSE I LIVE IN THE INNER CITY AND PARKING IS ALWAYS A NIGHTMARE. I don’t need much engine power, as I’m usually driving short distances in the city, but this car’s city handling and low fuel consumption are phenomenal. The yellow convertible part just happened by luck, but I think it suits me and my comedian personality perfectly. I couldn’t imagine any other colour, and dropping the top gives me infinite joy on warm days – especially on coastal drives or trips to the Winelands.

THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS I LOVE ABOUT MY CAR: I can park it anywhere, its “city steering” makes handling a dream and I love its happy yellow colour (that’s also on the interior dashboard). But mostly I love the fact that it’s a convertible, which I never thought I’d be able to afford, as they seem like such luxurious splurges. Yet this car is so affordable! There’s a lot more joy to be had than I expected. I like that the side panels of the car stay up when you drop the top, for added privacy and safety.

LIVING IN THE CITY, MY DRIVING PET PEEVES are pedestrians who cross the road when they don’t have a green light to do so. If we have to stop at a red light in our cars, then pedestrians should have to honour the red light too!

I WOULD LOVE TO GO ON A ROAD TRIP WITH COMEDIANS. If I could pick three of them to travel with I’d put Kevin Hart in the back seat – he’s nice and short and there’s not much legroom in the back of Minion; Jerry Seinfeld can ride up front so we can make our own version of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee; and Eddie Murphy.

WHEN I’M STUCK IN TRAFFIC I love to make phone calls to people I’ve been meaning to catch up with to pass the time.

IF I COULD HAVE ANY CAR IN THE WORLD I’d pick a DeLorean – but only one that travels through time like in Back To The Future!

WHAT I WOULD LOVE TO SEE CHANGED ON SOUTH AFRICA’S ROADS is for taxis to be better regulated and more roadworthy. I think we can all agree on that!

THE ONE PERSON I WOULD CHOOSE TO RESCUE ME ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD is my flatmate, Siv Ngesi. He’s come to my rescue many times before.


Ngud’ by Kwesta

Fall by Davido

Hell Naw by Nasty C

Classical music (to keep calm in traffic)

Any Coldplay song

Nomzamo Mbatha

TV personality and model. Her wheels: Audi SQ5

I LOVE BIG CARS! Yes, I know, me in a big car! As ambassador for the Audi Q range I get to choose from those. Since I “went big” last year with the Q7, I thought why not go for the slightly petite yet high-performing SQ5? I’ve been having so much fun with her, but I have my eye on the upcoming Q8.

MY CAR HAS A DECEPTIVE FEMINISM about her, yet she’s a high performer and takes other cars on the road by surprise. My team calls me often and my phone is usually on one percent, as it’s hardly ever charged, but the SQ5 has a built-in charging case, so now it’s charged at least 20%. LOL.

IF I COULD GO ON A ROAD TRIP WITH ANYONE IN THE WORLD I would drive with my late grandmother and father, just so we could experience the ride together and take in the views of our scenic country. Then my mom and sister, for the laughs and companionship on the long road. And then lastly, my aunt and uncle – they’re my copilots in more ways than one.


MY WORST DRI VING EXPERIENCE has to have been when I drove from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Never! Ever! Again! The heat. The never-ending road….

IF I COULD HAVE ANY CAR IN THE WORLD it would be anything in the Audi R/ RS range.

THE MAIN AREA OF IMPROVEMENT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE ON SA’S ROADS is for more security measures to be put in place – more police visibility and cameras.

IF I WERE TO BREAK DOWN ON THE ROAD ALONE I would choose Audi Assist to come and rescue me. They’re always efficient and on hand.


Any Tasha Cobbs song

Congratulate by Aka

Anything by Babes Wodumo

Thixo Onofefe by Anatii

Jo-Ann Strauss

Media Entrepreneur and public speaker. Her wheels: BMW X4

I’VE HAD MY BMW X4 FOR ABOUT FIVE MONTHS, but will soon be taking delivery of a BMW X5 with an extra row of seats for the little ones.

MY NICKNAME FOR MY CAR IS “Sexy X-ie”. But that’s our little secret – mine and my car’s.

I’VE ALWAYS BEEN A BMW FAN and have aspired to driving one. I have been a brand ambassador locally and worked with the brand internationally. My husband also comes from the town where BMW originated, so it’s a match made in heaven.

I LOVE MY CAR BECAUSE IT’S FAST, RESPONSIVE, ATHLETIC-LOOKING AND ABSOLUTELY LUXURIOUS! I think the fact that it’s beautiful and powerful sits well with me.

IF I COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT MY CAR I would have an option to hide the baby seats when the kids aren’t in the back. I get comical looks when I’m listening to hip-hop and trying to look cool, and the car seats extinguish my “cool” façade! I do have BMW car seats for the kids, though, so actually, maybe the seats give me extra street cred.

PEOPLE WHO TEXT AND DRIVE are so hazardous, as are people who drive with earphones in. They have no idea of peripheral noise and can’t concentrate properly.

IF I COULD PICK ANYONE TO GO ON A ROAD TRIP WITH I’d pick my husband – he’s the most fun person to hang out with – as well as our kids. Yip, the car is full already. But if there’s still space, then Jacob Zuma, Helen Zille and Julius Malema. We’d drive very slowly, of course, as I think the conversation would be thrilling – confined spaces can make or break relationships.

THE BEST JOURNEY MY CAR HAS TAKEN ME ON was the journey of working motherhood! And less philosophically, we love West Coast road trips.

WHEN I’M STUCK IN TRAFFIC I listen to audio books.

IF I COULD HAVE ANY CAR IN THE WORLD it would be the BMW i8 Roadster!

I’D LOVE TO SEE MORE PEOPLE OBSERVING TRAFFIC LAWS. Many people have such disregard for road rules; it affects everyone.


Glamorous by Fergie (ft Ludacris)

Work by Rihanna (ft Drake)

Some Bob Marley

Anything with Zolani Mahola’s voice – still my favourite SA singer of all time!

Zoë Brown

TV and radio personality. Her wheels – Volkswagen Beetle

MY CAR’S NAME IS HAPPINESS. Every time I see her I go, “Aww, Happiness” – and that’s where the name came from.

WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT MY CAR is that it’s a real “Zoë” car. I’ve been obsessed with the new Beetles since they first launched. She’s pretty on the eye, light on petrol and easy to park.

IF I COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT MY CAR I would add parking sensors.

MY DRIVING PET PEEVES are when people don’t indicate that they will be turning or when they don’t put on their hazards when they stop unexpectedly.

IF I COULD PICK ANYONE TO GO ON A ROAD TRIP WITH it would be Chris Evans, Henry Cavill and Carpool Karaoke’s James Corden.

THE BEST DRIVE TO DO IN MY CAR is to the Root 44 parkrun in Stellenbosch.

MY WORST DRIVING EXPERIENCE was when I was in a car accident with my dad. A truck was involved and by the grace of God we were left unharmed.

WHEN I’M STUCK IN TRAFFIC I memorise numberplates to pass the time. Or I try to spot one that’s similar to mine. I’ve seen a car that had two digits different from mine.

IF I COULD HAVE ANY CAR IN THE WORLD I’d pick the Range Rover Velar.

I’D LOVE TO SEE fewer pedestrians crossing major highways and roads, and I’d love to see them use designated pedestrian bridges and cross the road at designated crossings.

IF I WERE TO BREAK DOWN ALONE I would call Superman, aka Henry Cavill, to come and rescue me.


Uptown Girl by Billy Joel

A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton

2002 by Anne-Marie

Sugar by Maroon 5

IDGAF by Dua Lipa

Jeannie D

Actress, TV personality and model. Her wheels: Mercedes-Benz E-Class

THIS IS POSSIBLY THE SEXIEST CAR I’VE EVER DRIVEN. Before I got this colour, I fantasised about having it in white with a tan interior. Now that’s spicy! Apart from its performance and sexy curves, it’s also super-smart! It can drive and park itself, it has the best sound system, the windscreen wipers only spray water on the downward sweep, so water doesn’t spray everywhere, and it has the sexiest interior UV lights – you feel like you’re in a spaceship when you’re inside.

PEOPLE WHO DRIVE WHILE TALKING ON THEIR PHONES and those who drive way under the speed limit in the fast lane are my driving pet peeves.

IF I COULD GO ON A ROAD TRIP WITH ANYONE IN THE WORLD I’d pick David Couldthard. I’ve met him a few times and interviewed him once, and he has a charming, hilarious sense of humour. I’d also pick two of my best friends, as we travel so much together anyway and I probably wouldn’t have much fun without them.


Paradise Circus by Massive Attack: (Gui Boratto remix)

Shortline by Thomas Jack

Basic Instinct by The Acid (Thomas Jack remix)

Late Night by Foals (the original and the Solomun remix)

EVERY SUNDAY I TAKE A LONG DRIVE around Cape Town with the roof down, listening to my favourite music – this is my modern active meditation time.

MY WORST DRIVING EXPERIENCE was while driving in the back of a tuk-tuk in India. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but it was an exhilarating journey nonetheless.

I’D LOVE TO SEE MORE SECURITY, improved driving behaviours and better strategies to ease congestion.

Jade Hubner

TV presenter, actress and model. Her wheels: BMW 1 Series

I BOUGHT MY BMW 1 SERIES purely for practicality. It’s not my dream car, but it really ticks all the boxes and is perfect for now. It’s sleek and sophisticated. It drives beautifully and looks great! It’s also a convenient size for parking, it’s zippy and it’s very spacious – perfect for travelling and driving with friends. I love that it’s automatic too.

ONE THING I WOULD CHANGE ABOUT MY CAR is to add leather seats. This is the first time I haven’t had leather seats, but this car was so in demand when I bought it that it was difficult to find one that had leather seats in addition to all my other requirements.

SLOW DRIVERS and people who slow down to look at accidents, creating unnecessary traffic, are my driving pet peeves.

IF I COULD PICK ANYONE TO GO ON A ROAD TRIP WITH I would pick Nadia Jaftha, Cara Delevingne and my crazy, awesome best friends, Liv du Plessis and Adi van Zyl. I love people who make me laugh.

MY WORST DRIVING EXPERIENCE has to be with the first car I ever owned. It was like driving in a tin can, which wasn’t pleasant in Cape Town’s strong winds. I’d say my worst experience was every time I drove it!

WHEN I’M STUCK IN TRAFFIC I sing, daydream or call a friend (hands-free!) to pass the time.

IF I COULD HAVE ANY CAR IN THE WORLD it would be the matte black Range Rover Evoque.

WE NEED BETTER STRATEGIES ON SOUTH AFRICA’S ROADS to ease congestion in Cape Town and to repair potholes in Johannesburg, and we need better road lighting at night and better speed bumps – some have angles that are too sharp and damage cars.

IF I WERE TO BREAK DOWN ALONE ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD I would choose my dad to come and rescue me. He is super-handy and if it’s a bad situation he always handles it calmly.


Most Eminem classics

You Don’t Know Me by Jax Jones (ft Raye)