Self-Driving Food Delivery Has Arrived

It sounds cool, but also – how?

What a truly wild and wonderful time to be alive. Let’s be honest and admit that the best thing about food – apart from eating it – is being able to enjoy it without having to prepare it yourself. Ford and Postmates have taken this a step further by launching a pilot project geared towards making self-driving food delivery possible.

What exactly are they doing?

Ford is working with Postmates,  who offer on-demand delivery from restaurants and coffee shops to other types of stores – to run a service that will, hopefully in the future, establish a self-driving delivery business that works great for customers and businesses

Where is all of this self-driving happening?

The cool part is that it is currently underway – less cool is that it’s happening in Miami, with more than 70 businesses taking part.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple! When your meal is ready to be delivered, a restaurant employee places it on the vehicle… and boom! You have pizza or whatever it is your heart desires.

This pilot is basically a trial so that Ford can fully understand how businesses and restaurants will need to interact with a self-driving vehicle. It sounds like quite the exciting project and something that wouldn’t be too bad to have around on those slow Saturday or any other time a craving hits!