South Africa's 4th Carpool Week: 3 - 9 October 2016

200 commitments = 1 tree planted

October is national Transport Month and SA’s 4th Carpool Week will take place from 3-9 October.

Last year the theme was ‘Carpool Karaoke’ to raise awareness of the social benefits of carpooling.

The 2016 theme has an environmental focus. CarpoolWeek will be encouraging people to take the first step and ‘commit to look for carpooling opportunities’. In return they will plant trees!

“There is a common misunderstanding that carpooling takes away your flexibility. In fact you can reap great rewards from carpooling 1 day a week when it suits you, it can save 10% on your fuel bill and emissions while possibly making a friend for life.

Small changes can improve our lives and the world we live in.”

Why you should commit to look for carpool opportunities

  • Carpooling 3500 km will save as much as CO2 as the average tree absorbs in its lifetime
  • CarpoolWeek will share the easiest way to find a carpool buddy
  • Get entered into a draw to win awesome prizes
  • 200 commitments = 1 tree planted

Visit www.carpoolweek.co.za to find out more.