#TBT 5 movie driving-scenes you can never forget

Some driving movie scenes will never leave you! Whether funny or terrifying.

1. The Shining  This scene sets the mood for this terrifying movie. Speaking about the Donner party who turned to cannibalism to survive. 

2. 17 Again. This has to be THE hottest movie moment. When Zac Efron (yes please!) steps out of his Audi R8 at school. Need we say more?

3. Se7en. Kevin Spacey nails this scene as he plays mind games with Brad Pitt on route to the final confrontation.

4. A night at the Roxbury. “I broke the window again!”  These scene speaks for itself really.

5. The sweetest thing. We all love a girly road trip. We can all relate to this ‘moldy ass’ scene.