A toy car for grown-ups is now legal in the UK, and you're going to want one!

Now you can drive your first car all over again

Remember those little red and yellow Tyke toy cars some of us used to cruise around the house in as kids? Well now you can do it again, thanks to Brothers John and Geof Bitmead of the United Kingdom who recently created a motorised version of our favourite childhood toy on wheels.

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What’s more is that they’re now legal to drive in the UK and it’s got more than peddle power while it can reach a speed of up to 110 km/hour!

Some people might not understand the point of this, but we think it’s pretty awesome to be able to drive your first car all over again…as an adult.

According to BBCNews the grown-up Little Tykes car takes petrol, has a tax disk and took over 1000 hours and more than £4000 to make and if you don’t believe us, watch the video below…

Video via Youtube