5 things we love about the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class

We’ve just spent a week going about our daily lives with the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class, to see what customers will love might love about it…

The all-new Mercedes-Benz A-Class launched locally in August (2018) with intentions to redefine modern luxury in the compact car segment, along with exciting new technology (such as its intelligent multimedia system MBUX) for customers in a new era of connectivity.

We’ve just spent a week with this good-looking, technologically advanced and fun-to-drive new A-Class, going about our daily lives to see what we think customers will love most about it…

5 things we love about the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class

For the ‘cool kids’

Gone are the days where people thought of a Mercedes-Benz as an ‘old man’s car’ and the new A-Class is a really good example of how this has changed. With a completely redefined interior, Mercedes-Benz has taken a new approach to revolutionise the compact segment from the inside. It’s now modern AND luxurious, with its striking interior design that sets its cabin apart from its predecessor. It’s a real game changer and we absolutely loved spending time getting familiar with it all. Turbine-like air vents, a huge and striking display panel, and top-end technology are just some of what you’ll get from the cheapest model in the Mercedes-Benz range. You wouldn’t think that this is Mercedes’ entry-level car!

“Hey, Mercedes”

You can now control the A-Class using “Hey Mercedes” – a personal assistant that operates much the same as Siri or Hey Google and allows you to ask to have things like the sunroof retracted, or for seat heating to be activated, via voice control. As you spend more time with it, the operating system gets to know your voice and your way of speaking – so different accents and pronunciations of commands aren’t rejected like they are with other more simple systems.

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I love that it responds almost immediately to basic commands. Only once was a command rejected and that was when I said: “Hey, Mercedes. Please make me the only driver and owner of this car. Make all functions malfunction for other drivers.” – I wish!


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Compact, but practical

The new A-Class is slightly wider and longer than before, so it’s become more roomy inside, particularly noticeable for rear passengers and when loading or offloading items from the boot. It offers much easier access to the rear and a larger, more ‘family-and recreationally-friendly’ luggage compartment that consists of 29 more litres than its outgoing model.

Bearing in mind that this is still Merc’s most compact car, the new A-Class is a lot more comfortable and easier to have extra passengers travel with you over longer distances.

Exterior styling – it’s all about the image

Subtle style changes to the A-Class’s exterior give it a sportier and more striking look, as many admirers pointed out in shopping centre parking lots. “I love this car!” from several people, without even having seen its interior, happened often – like a hit song that everybody waits to hear on the radio just as it’s been released.

Our A200’s standard Jupiter Red paint looks better than ever on the A-Class, adding to its striking and sporty exterior design.

‘A’-Class-Leading Driver Assistance Tech

The new A-Class offers a lot of the same driver assistance technology that you’ll find in the S-Class: automatic Cruise Control, Lane Change Assist and Auto Steer – so you get a real sense of autonomous driving if you like. Its MBUX system also includes navigation functions like emergency braking, On-Street Prediction, Real-Time Information and Off-Street Information, to help you save time and reduce stress levels when looking for a parking space.

Overview of the new A-Class models and prices

The new A-Class certainly stands out as one of the most technologically advanced vehicles in its segment, but it also looks great and has a bunch of cool features to satisfy those looking at Mercedes’ entry-level model.

For more details on the A-Class, keep a close eye on WOW’s website for future reviews and updates.