11 Lexus vehicles added to Cape Town Ghost Squad

CT City Council focuses on October Transport Month

CT City Council Clamps down on perpetrators, adding 11 more vehicles to Ghost Squad. 

Those in Cape Town with outstanding warrants due to unpaid fines are going to have an even tougher time dodging traffic officials, when travelling in and around the city.

According to IOL news, recent additions to Cape Town’s Ghost Squad include 11 Lexus vehicles, making up a total of around 30 cars. This after the council challenged traffic officers to issue warrants to as many of Cape Town’s 100 ‘most wanted drivers’ as possible.

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The Ghost Squad is a specialist unit operating in unmarked vehicles to catch perpetrators on the road in an effort to reduce road deaths and clamp down on serious traffic violations.

October Transport Month

The City of Cape Town plans to focus on issues surrounding transport infrastructure, public transport and the promotion of road safety for October Transport Month.

In a press release the council stated that each Traffic Service district would be handed a list of outstanding warrants in their area. In some cases up to 1 000 warrants would be considered.

“Metro Police will also be co-opted into operations, with each regional director having been issued a list of 100 ‘most wanted’ drivers as a challenge to see who can serve the most warrants.”

Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith, said that the aim is to set out what is considered both safe and courteous driving behaviour.

“If it is to be effective, this system of rules relies on conformity by all road users as it creates a set of expected behaviours which inform drivers’ decisions. It is when road users behave unexpectedly that the risk of accidents increases,’ he said.

Members of the Ghost Squad are considered to be highly trained, efficient and experienced. Each of their unmarked vehicles are fitted with a siren, public address system and special blue-light-emitting diode (LED) lights which help identify the unit when perpetrators are being apprehended.

It was mentioned that the change of vehicle models, from VW Golf GTIs to Lexus, was considered to be cheaper and better value for money.

“Fitted with all the accessories to do their job, the vehicles cost R473 099 each, cheaper than a new Volkswagen Golf GTI,” said IOL News.

The council has urged residents with outstanding fines to settle these as soon as possible to avoid further legal action.

Source: IOL News; Cape Town City Council