167 dead on Western Cape roads over festive season

Drunk driving, driver fatigue and pedestrian fatalities make up Western Cape’s high death road death toll for the festive season…

Provincial traffic officials have reported that more than 167 people have died on Western Cape roads between 1 December and 1 January. This, says EWN, is higher than in comparison to the previous year which claimed 149 lives.

This past weekend saw a further 7 road fatalities in separate accidents in Cape Town, the Karoo and George, while officials claim that drunk driving and other reckless driving behaviours are the main causes behind the fatalities.

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Western Cape Traffic Chief Kenny Africa stated that, “The fatalities that we experienced on our roads was due to fatigue; we had so many problems with taxi drivers overtaking in the face of oncoming traffic, causing the oncoming traffic to give way for them.”

A large amount of pedestrian fatalities were also included in the fatality reports.