Is your car on the list of those most stolen by keyless theft?

If you’re car is on this list, make sure it has a tracking device

As technology gets more advanced to make peoples lives more comfortable, it also makes the lives of thieves and hackers easier – and this poses a bit of a problem when it comes to protecting your car as ”keyless theft” becomes an easy and everyday task for thieves.

We have reported on the dangers of car jamming before, but now BBC Watchdog has made it evident that this trend is not coming to a halt – as more techno advanced cars are becoming available – this technology is also used by criminals to (in minutes) reprogramme keys for luxury cars.

BBC Watchdog made a list available of the cars that get stolen the most by ”keyless theft” (in the UK). Luckily, a lot of these cars do get recovered as they have tracking devices.

Mercedes C Class
Audi S4
BMW 3 Series
Range Rover Sport
Range Rover Vogue, Audi S3
Mercedes E Class
BMW 5 Series
Porsche 911

If you own any of these models, make sure your car has a valid tracking device. Tracker explained that “Having a tracking device won’t prevent your car being stolen but will increase the chances of it being located and recovered by as much as 95%. However, it is crucial that people recognise that not all tracking devices are the same. The most successful are those that don’t rely on GPS alone – these are vulnerable to ‘jamming’ which uses technology designed to block the devices meant to track stolen cars.”