Dewani's taxi driver: How the hijack actually happened

The whole alleged truth is being revealed in court

The taxi driver of the Dewani  hijacking case, Zola Tongo, who is serving an 18-year sentence for his involvement in Anni Hindocha’s murder in 2010, is testifying in Dewani’s murder trial in the Western Cape High Court.

This is how he explained the event in his testimony:

After Tongo had met Dewani and Hindochu at the airport, he took them to the Cape Grace Hotel. CCTV footage shows Dewani later exiting the hotel and sits in Tongo’s vehicle for about 10 minutes. Tongo said Dewani told him he wanted “a job” done, meaning he wanted a person (a woman) murdered. They discussed a fee of R15 000 for all three people playing a role in the murder.

Later, Tongo had visited his friend who arranged the two hitmen and they discussed how it had to go down. Tongo said that he thought the woman climbing in the taxi that evening, and Anni, were two different people.

The first meeting with the hitmen failed, so he took the couple to dinner and returned to another meeting place. Upon meeting the hitmen in Gugulethu, one hitman jumped on the bonnet, the other jumped in vehicle, both pointing guns. Tongo was forced into the back, next to the couple. They all handed over their phones, wallets and other valuables.

Thereafter, Tongo was let out of the vehicle, and Dewani also. Tongo went to the police to explain that a ”hijack” had just taken place. The police took Tongo to the Cape Grace Hotel where they saw other police officers who had arrived with Dewani. Tongo remained at the hotel that night, and CCTV shows Dewani talking to Tongo. Tongo explained at the trial that Dewani asked him if the killing went as planned.

Dewani later contacted Tongo and arranged collection of his part of the payment. CCTV footage shows Dewani walking inside with a package, and Tongo later walking out of hotel with a package. Tongo claims Dewani only paid him R1 000, not R5 000 as agreed upon.

Tongo then admitted he got scared and went to the police to turn himself in on the 20th of November, 2010. He said, “I decided to tell the police the truth about everything that happened, I knew the truth will ultimately come out.”

(Image Source: Mirror)

(News Source: IOL News)