Driverless cars could be used as weapons. Huh?

FBI reports reveal autonomous cars could possibly be a threat

This may sound like the intro to another apocalyptic movie, but it’s not. Apparently the FBI fears that ”driverless” cars could possibly be used as weapons in the future. This is what the FBI revealed after reports were leaked. The unclassified document refers to the “game-changing” nature of ”driverless” cars and their potential to revolutionise high-speed chases.

They justify their fears by saying that these autonomous cars, like the ones Google and Volvo are working on, may have an impact on what criminals can do with a car- as human input is not needed while driving.

However, the FBI report, uncovered by The Guardian, also discusses some of the benefits that these ”driverless” cars could have for people on the law’s side like police. It states: “Surveillance will be made more effective and easier, with less of a chance that a patrol car will lose sight of a target vehicle.”

Whatever your thoughts may be, it has been announced that a number of autonomous cars will most likely be on the UK road by 2015 (only for testing though).

(Source: Auto Express, Digital Trends)