This is why you should fill up your tank as soon as pay day arrives!

An update on the petrol price

The brief bliss motorists have been feeling due to the vastly lowered petrol price in the passed months will be short-lived as economists predict the petrol price will surge thanks to the oil price.

Economist Mike Schussler said this was due to a surge in the oil price. “It’s very clear that consumers will see an increase in the next two months. The volatility in the oil market is not over yet,” eNCA quoted him.

The petrol price has dropped by over R2 since 2015 started after it was announced the price of petrol would drop a staggering R1.10 per litre and earlier this month, petrol dropped again by 93 cents.

But, Schussler said motorists will still save a lot of money despite the increase in oil price.

(Source: SA Breaking News)