Five of the craziest special edition cars ever built

Which of the five would you want? If any…

Motorburn hit the nail on the head with these bizarre and interesting special edition cars. You must take a look!

1. Smart ForJeremy

smart-forjeremyThis winged car called ”ForJeremy” was unveiled in 2012 and actually went into production the following year. The person responsible for this angel-like car is actually an American designer called Jeremy Scott.

2. Range Rover Evoque Special Edition with Victoria Beckham

Land Rover Launch Range Rover Evoque Special Edition With Victoria Beckham - Evening RevealThis special edition Land Rover Evoque was designed with input from the ex-Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham and it actually features hand-finished matte grey paint and contrasting gloss black roof, wheel arches and 20-inch alloys. The cost of this special edition is almost double that of the original Evoque.

3. Citroen DS3 By Benefit

citroen-ds3-by-benefitCitroen thought it was a good idea to partner with Benefit Cosmetics earlier this year and produce three “sassy” special edition DS3s. One of the model’s styling was inspired by mascara, while the other two were inspired by eyeliner and lipstick. Interesting…

4. Volkswagen Harlequin Golf


Eeek… this ”interesting” looking vehicle is named the Volkswagen Harlequin Golf and each special edition model was made up of panels of various colours, resulting in a sort of patch-quilt effect. Luckily this dates back to 1996, so out of sight, out of mind.

5. Audi A1 Diamond Edition


Audi teamed up with a jewellery designer, Thomas Heyerdahl, to create an A1 to appeal to “sophisticated women who value uniqueness and high quality”. The A1 Diamond Edition’s gear-lever is studded with 24 actual diamonds, while a sterling silver/platinum logo for the steering wheel, a handy Guerlain make-up kit, and an expensive pendant are also part of the special edition package. Just 57 were made.