Ford launches innovative mobility challenge

Ford initiates open innovation approach to finding innovative mobility solutions specific to each city

Ford has an exciting new Innovate Mobility Challenge Series which will expand its open innovation approach to eight regions around the world, including South Africa. The eight challenges of the Innovate Mobility Series will charge developers and makers to propose solutions to specific locally-relevant issues – including the reduction of congestion, the delivery of healthcare solutions, and improving mobility during the monsoon season.

The worldwide challenges kicked off on July 15 in Lisbon, Portugal, Los Angeles, United States, and Mumbai, India, and will open to developers in South Africa in August. It will also run in Delhi and the Chennai region in India, Shanghai, China, and across Argentina.

For each competition, Ford will partner with local authorities and experts to address different issues in each location. The Johannesburg challenge focuses innovation on adding value to the vehicle through the creation of accessories for vehicles, especially commercial vehicles, in the largest city in South Africa. The submission period will begin on August 14, with more details to follow.

More information about the Innovate Mobility Challenge Series can be found online, at fordsvl.com/innovatemobility. Information about resources for each challenge will be included at the challenge sites.