Isuzu Off-Road Academy ups ante

The Isuzu Off-Road Academy is offering a new, improved course

Do you often go 4X4ing but wish you knew a bit more or just want to prove to your partner that you can in fact drive off-road?  Well, Isuzu can help you out and we think ALL women should know how to 4X4, not only is it so much fun but it is for your safety as well.

The Isuzu Off-Road Academy is offering a new two day advanced 4×4 course for those who are seeking a more comprehensive and edgy 4×4 driving experience.  The Isuzu Off-Road Academy was launched in 2010 as an off-road driver training academy for existing and potential Isuzu customers and has trained almost 3000 enthusiasts.

Isuzu Off-Road Academy Lead Instructor, Grant McCleery, states that they’ve had numerous requests for a longer, more demanding 4×4 module and therefore they have responded with this introduction of the new two-day Advanced 4×4 Driving Course which will offer more intensive training for experienced drivers and avid off-road enthusiasts.

This course covers vehicle recovery, mechanical knowledge, correct vehicle packing procedures, driving- and towing techniques with trailers and caravans. This course complements the existing one-day course which covers 4×4 orientation and basic off-road driving techniques.

“The knowledge and experience gained through the Academy is vital to the safe operation of any 4×4 vehicle off the beaten track, where vehicle preparation, driver education and environmental knowledge are key factors to safe journeys.’’

The courses offered by the Isuzu Off-Road Academy are:

One-day Basic 4×4 Driver Training Course: R1 500 excl VAT

Two-day Advanced 4×4 Driver Training Course: R 2 500 excl VAT

The Isuzu Off-Road Academy can be contacted on 011 431 2000 or at www.isuzu.co.za