These Land Rover accessories make road trips even better!

Let’s go on holiday!

The Discovery Sport is the perfect road trip vehicle for families and these Land Rover accessories make it even more comfortable!

While cruising on open roads or traversing demanding terrain, it is comfortable, refined and capable. And with the right Land Rover accessories, families can enhance their holiday driving experience even more!

Seatbelts for suitcases

With configurable 5+2 seating, the Discovery Sport has plenty of room for passengers. There’s also a lot of room for luggage, with more than 980 litres of cargo volume when seats are folded down. But when you’re packing the car for the long haul, you want to ensure that everything is snug and won’t move around. For this, a Land Rover luggage net will keep your suitcases from shifting and sliding as you tackle the trails.

Land Rover accessories netting

Keeping your cool

Nothing’s worse than twisting the cap and taking a swig of warm water that’s been sitting in the sun on the passenger seat. Land Rover offers a centre armrest cooler for rear passengers. Finished in premium leather, this stylish refrigerator will keep your drinks and snacks pleasingly chilled on your travels.

Land Rover accessories - cooler box

Look ma, no hands

Let’s face it: a five-hour drive to the coast is a lot more pleasant when you can watch movies or play games on your iPad. And that same activity is even better when you have a handy holster for your nifty gadget. Land Rover offers an iPad holder that clips into the headrests of the front seats, allowing rear-seat passengers to enjoy some hands-free entertainment, while sipping on some cool refreshments.

Land Rover accessories - ipad holder


Climate control and advanced sensors keep the cabin of the Discovery Sport at the perfect temperature. However, sitting in the sun for a few hours before you reach your destination can be unpleasant – especially for toddlers and babies. A handy set of side window sunshades, for rear passengers, will help to greatly reduce heat and glare from the sun.

Land Rover accessories 1

Seatback stowage

Keeping things organised in the car, while on holiday, can be a challenge at the best of times. The Discovery Sport already boasts nearly 35 litres of stowage compartments for small items – and that can be greatly augmented with the addition of a seat-back organiser. Made the same Windsor leather used for the seats, this stowage system adds a number of new compartments to help keep drinks, cables, plugs and toys organised in the rear.