This is what the Mazda3 has been getting up to

The Mazda3 feautures Mazda’s latest Skyactiv techno

The recently launched, Mazda3 (the third in Mazda’s line-up of new-generation products to feature the brand’s all-new techno)  is the winner of both New Zealand’s National Business Review’s Supreme Car of the Year and the AA and NZ Motoring Writers Guild’s Car of the Year.

The Mazda3 is said to impress on both equipment and on driver appeal, styling, fuel economy and numerous safety features. Even the entry-level version is an engaging machine, testament to the quality of the Mazda3 chassis and its entirely convincing sporty appearance.

“These awards are a credit to the Mazda team in Japan who have created a vehicle that ticks all the boxes, from design and safety through to performance and technology. Mazda SA is proud to have this award winning model in the vehicle model line-up we offer in South Africa. We believe the Mazda3 has the potential to excel in South Africa’s compact car segment.” – comments Mr David Hughes, MD Mazda Southern Africa.

The Mazda3 feautures Mazda’s latest Skyactiv techno which is the umbrella term for Mazda’s range of next-generation technologies-including gasoline and diesel engines, transmissions, body and chassis – developed under Mazda’s sustainable vision to provide both driving pleasure and outstanding environmental and safety performance.

Here’s why you can also consider the Mazda3 as your new famly car.