The reality of driving with your dog

Driving with your dog can be cute, funny and exhausting

Have you ever taken a road trip with your true best friend – in other words your dog? Well, it may sound just perfect, but it can get a tad difficult. Here’s what it’s really like driving in the car with your dog!

1. When you’ve given your dog something to help calm them down.

2. When it’s their first time in the car and they have no idea what’s happening.

3. When you crack the window just a little.

4. When your dog is a little scared.

5. And when they are so scared they don’t want to get in the car.

6. When something gets them excited.

7. When the poor pup has attachment issues.

8. Or when they see every other vehicle on the road as a threat to their owner.

But overall we adore them too much to complain about their driving issues.

Here are some tips for travelling with your dog.