Traffic officer hailed a hero after delivering baby on N2

“I knew that she was going to give birth at anytime”

During this morning’s peak time traffic in Cape Town, a group of traffic officers were called out to a car that had stopped on the N2, Jakes Gerwel Drive.

They didn’t expect to find a women in the car in labour and fortunately, one of the officers, Amanda Fojo, is also a first aider and midwife. Eyewitness News reports that Fojo has been hailed as a hero after safely delivering the baby.

“Fogo says that from experience, she could tell that the mom didn’t have much time,” says EWN.

“As I looked at the lady she said she was in labour and started at 3am. I could determine that she was going to give birth at anytime,” Fogo tells EWN.

EWN also reported that the mom and her new born boy are doing well.

Via: Eyewitness News