Western Cape motorcyclists pay tribute to the firefighters

What a beautiful story

On Sunday morning, weeks after the #CapeFire broke out, Western Cape motorcyclists paid tribute to firefighters who put their lives in danger to help put out the fires that devoured the Southern Cape Peninsula.

Last week, keen motorcycle riders sent out a call to all Western Cape motorcyclists to join in to pay tribute to the hero-firefighters, and the outcomes was overwhelming. First, only a few people showed up, but after moment the groups of people grew and before you knew it, there were crowds and crowds of motorcycle enthusiasts thankful for what the firefighters had done. The motorcycles were parked mirror to mirror along several kilometres of Boyes Drive.

Even though the #CapeFire was necessary for the well-being of the mountain flora, it almost ravaged hundreds of homes and thousands of people’s lives – but the here-firefighters saved the day – or Cape Town.

Source: IOL News

As three Fire and Rescue vehicles drove slowly up Boyes Drive past the row of machines, each rider raised their helmet in tribute – what a beautiful story!