7 driving sins to avoid this festive season

Having “one for the road” is a huge NO!

It’s the Festive Season, but also the silly season. Here are the seven sins you should NOT do at this time of year (or any time of the year, actually)!

1. Have “one for the road”: How about NONE for the road? Drinking and driving is not on. Not during holiday season. Not ever. Have a designated driver, call a cab/Uber or simply don’t drink at all.

2) Leave the house without your phone: Especially if you’re driving alone, always have your phone on you. Everyone tends to get a bit more aggressive on the road over this period and in some areas of the country, the roads are a lot fuller, so the chances of something happening is higher. You will need your phone in case of emergencies.

3) Be aggressive: Just like you wouldn’t want anyone else being aggressive towards you, don’t show aggression towards them. Yes, we know that you had your eye on that parking spot, we know the guy in front of you made a lane change without indicating, but keep your cool. You don’t need to lose your temper as a result. It just causes the next person to lose their composure too.

4) Drive without your seatbelt: This goes for all passengers too. Buckle up, people. It’s crazy out there.

5) Go on a road trip unprepared: Get your car checked, make sure you have a spare wheel, a jack and a wheel spanner and other necessities such as a torch, jumper cables, a tow rope, etc. You don’t want to be stranded on the side of the road.

6) Pull off the road at any random spot: It’s simply not safe. Drive to your nearest petrol station, police station, anywhere you feel safe – yes, even if you have to get there on a flat tyre. This is especially if you are alone.

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7) Use your phone while driving: Get a hands-free car kit if your car isn’t equipped with one or wait until you’ve stopped in a safe and secure location before operating your phone. Not only is it against the law to use your phone, but it’s dangerous.

Parents, be sure to take note of these road trip safety tips!

Be safe this festive season, we want to see you here again next year!