Do you take pictures of car accidents?

You could be prosecuted

Have you ever stopped at an accident to take a photo?

It might be a great Facebook or Twitter update for you, but if you think about it, it’s actually very insensitive to the victims involved in the accident. All the drivers that slow down or stop are creating a traffic jam as well, plus if you are on your mobile phone while driving you can easily cause an accident yourself.

Recently traffic officers in the UK caught motorists using their cell phones to take photographs of an accident as they drove past on the opposite side of the road. These motorists will be prosecuted and possibly fined for a driving offence. The police officers commented that the drivers are gambling with other people’s lives. When it does go wrong, no photograph in the world will make the family of the victim think it was worth it.

So far as we know there is no laws in South Africa that prohibits drivers from snapping photos of accidents, although it is unlawful to be on your cell phone while driving and that’s kind of the same concept.

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