Driving During Loadshedding

In addition to the irritation, power outages also create dangerous conditions on the roads…

Loadshedding is back and this time, it’s causing havoc on our roads while power outages affect traffic lights and add to traffic congestion. If you commute regularly, stage three and four loadshedding has likely affected your driving route on various levels. Yesterday (12 February 2019) motorists across the country voiced their frustrations and distress over the interruptions, after many experienced delays of up to an hour in traffic.

MasterDrive’s Eugene Herbert, notes that in addition to the irritation, power outages also create dangerous conditions on the roads.

For many of us, it seems obvious that intersections need to be treated as four-way-stops, yet, this is not always what all drivers do. Whether it is as a result of nervousness or impatience, many drivers go when they are not supposed to. “When it is your turn to cross the intersection double check every path that crosses yours before going. Rather take longer to cross than not make it across at all.

“If you know that you are a driver that becomes impatient waiting in the traffic that precedes an intersection, find ways to help you remain calm and patient. This can be listening to soothing music, leaving after peak hour or using Google Maps to see which route has the least congestion. Remember, most drivers are feeling the same level of frustration and desire to arrive at their destination as you,” advises Herbert.

Show your appreciation for points people directing the traffic. “As much as you are frustrated, the points people have a mammoth task ahead of them. Without them, the situation would be even worse.”

The rain in parts of South Africa will also make the roads more dangerous. “Follow our tips for driving in wet weather such as increasing following distances, give yourself some more time to arrive, adjust speed for the conditions and avoid driving through puddles to help you stay safe on the roads.”

Before you even set off, it is essential to accept that you are going to encounter major traffic and consequently impatient drivers. “Becoming irate with other drivers will only increase your own frustration levels. Your chances of a collision will also increase if you attempt to block them. Let these drivers in and move away from you. Remember, MasterDrive always advocates, ‘Drive nice, it’s contagious,’” concludes Herbert.