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I know we are harping on about road safety lately, but it is just staggering how many people behave as if they don’t care. We need to hit home that driving badly, texting while driving, drinking and driving or just being a reckless driver can lead to accidents and ultimately death!


Local celebrity and SABC news anchor, Natasha Thorp, and her team at Jarred Doyle Consulting have come up with the #DriveConscious campaign which aims to create awareness about certain habits and the ways in which we drive that can lead to so many deaths on our roads.

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Here are some statistics the campaign wants to highlight:

118 fatal road accidents were recorded between December 1 and January 5 with 1 368 fatalities.

Men contributed to 75% of the total fatalities.


The top three age groupings killed on our roads:
30 – 34 yrs: 13%
25 – 29 yrs: 12%
35 – 39 yrs: 9%

Passenger age group 25 – 29 yrs: 8%

To find out more and to join the #DriveConscious campaign click here.