Road Trip Safety Guide For Parents

Stay focused on the road when faced with distractions!

Make sure you know how to stay focused on the road, while faced with distractions!

A driver training specialist from IAM Drive & Survive says had the following advice to give about parent road trip safety,

“Kids can be noisy, disruptive and distracting, especially if they get bored. The trick is to keep them occupied as much as possible and to keep your attention on the road.”

Here are some great parent road trip safety tips for keeping your kids busy over the next weekend away or holiday road trip!

  • Always leave a gap of at least two seconds between you and the car in front. Following too closely cuts the time you’ll have to react should something happen. You’ll be more able to spot hazards and keep your kids safe.
  • Keep them occupied by inventing games that promote and reward quiet behaviour without needing the driver’s direct involvement.
  • Portable games consoles or in-car DVD players will keep kids occupied for hours. But add some headphones – the soundtrack on the monitors can be just as distracting as the kids.
  • If you are planning a long journey, make sure you’re organised, remembering to pack plenty of food and drink.
  • Allow extra stops. Find somewhere for them to let off steam such as a playground.
  • Have a plastic bag (without any holes) at hand for travel sickness.
  • A second adult to look after the children makes a massive difference, allowing the driver to focus on the road.
  • If you are the driver, don’t turn round to deal with fighting kids, rather find somewhere to stop first.

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