READER'S LETTER: What is being done to increase safety on the N2?

“One of the most concerning aspects is that there is a shortage of law enforcement officers”

This week the Automobile Association (AA) reported another incident to do with a mother and daughter who were attacked on the N2.

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Similar attacks have been occurring more regularly and it goes without saying that something more needs to be done. A reader wrote in and shared her views on the matter:

In response to the article “A TERRIFYING ORDEAL FOR MOM AND DAUGHTER ON THE N2 – We need more law enforcement officers on the N2”, I find it both disturbing and concerning.

One of the most concerning aspects was that there is a shortage of law enforcement officers. I find it strange that this is the comment that has almost become the norm, when in reality it is merely an excuse. I would like to know why it is that when the N2 is brought into discussion then there is a shortage of law enforcement officers, yet when there is a “famous” individual in concert at Grand West then there are so many law enforcement officers in that area that you cannot even count them. Clearly the N2 is not an area of priority in relation to the “traffic” at Grand West.

Another concern is that hijacking alerts have become the norm as part of the traffic news on radio stations.I find this to be utterly concerning that as a nation we have accepted that this is the way of life, a norm. Again the excuse of staff shortages will be given and yet the law enforcement officers are deployed to provide traffic control in the Grand West area around the bridge. I can only imagine the fear and trauma that the mother and her daughter went through and yet the only outcome from the article is to provide safety tips for those travelling along this stretch of road and not anything from law enforcement as a plan for a way forward. Law enforcement only seem to be visible during the festive season between December and January each year, but where are they for the other 10 months of the year?

The answer of simply not having enough staff is just not acceptable, we need to know what they are doing to train and secure more people in this line of work in order to put a stop to all the unnecessary trauma being caused.



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