Where do the worst drivers in SA come from?

Which cities currently hold the best and worst driving reputations?

In October 2015 Discovery Insure conducted an analysis of South Africa’s overall best and worst drivers according to each city.

Cape Town ranked 2nd on the list of safe drivers while Johannesburg came 5th and Durban came 9th.

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So which cities currently hold the best and worst driving reputations?

And the worst drivers hail from…

Nelspruit drivers scored the worst for speeding which puts them at the bottom of the ‘safe drivers” table.

Port Elizabeth tops the list as the safest city to drive in, according to last year’s Discovery Insure driving challenge analysis.

Statistics were based on 30 000 drivers in ten of the largest metropolitan areas of South Africa.

According to Discovery Insure’s research, women rank better than men when it comes to safe driving! In additions to this, drivers in older age groups proved to be better drivers than those aged 18-25.

It was also discovered that the type of car you drive can influence how well or badly you drive and ahead of Honda and Opel came Hyundai as the car that more of the best drivers had.

Between 2014 and 2015 driving behaviour had improved by 10% with an impressive drop of 22% in cellphone usage while driving.

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Source: Discovery Insure