The risks of driving at unsafe speeds

Understanding the risks associated with speeding…

If you own a car, the chances of you having been issued with a speeding fine at some point are quite likely. But then there are those who make speeding and driving at unsafe speeds a habit, knowing how dangerous it can be not only to themselves, but to others on the road too.

Arrive Alive recently published this video to highlight the risks of speeding and driving at unsafe speeds.

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To recap:

  1. Speeding increases the severity of injury in a road crash
  2. Speeding increases the risk of being a victim in a road crash
  3. Higher speeds require a greater distance to bring the vehicle to a stop
  4. Speeding reduces the time available to react and prevent a crash
  5. Speeding reduces the assistance offered by your seatbelt/airbag
  6. A speed limit should never be a target
  7. A safe speed will also depend on the traffic, road and weather conditions