Should walking and texting be banned?

Walking and texting: so many of us do it yet we all know how important it is to remain vigilant and to be aware as pedestrians…

Walking and texting: so many of us do it yet we all know how important it is to remain vigilant and to be aware as pedestrians.

In New Jersey, lawmakers have been pushing for a ban on texting and walking, in an effort to promote pedestrian safety.

Keep your eyes on the sidewalk

According to NJ.com if the law is passed pedestrians could be fined ($50) if caught with their eyes glued to their phones instead of the sidewalk.

Although there has been no mention of such a law being implemented in South Africa (yet), an increase in collisions between cars and pedestrians resulting in fatalities remains a major concern for road safety and health authorities.

Distracted pedestrians (texting and walking)

The AA lists distracted pedestrians as one of the top three reasons for pedestrian fatalities in SA.

In the meantime pedestrians can take note of the following road safety advice to help bring down the high number of fatalities on our roads:

  • Always obeying road signs and traffic lights (robots).
  • Encouraging the wearing of lightly coloured and high visibility, reflective clothing.
  • Warning on the dangers of distracted walking in traffic.
  • Not walking in the road but on the pavement. If there is no pavement, walk as near to the edge as possible, facing the oncoming traffic.
  • Avoiding roads at all times when intoxicated.
  • When crossing the road and there is a pedestrian bridge, use it, even if it means walking further.
  • Never cross the road without looking both ways, and check that there is no traffic before crossing the road.
  • Never assume that you have been seen – many disturbances might attract the attention of the motorist, including a low sun in the early morning or late afternoon.
  • Be wary. Most drivers are nice people, but don’t count on them paying attention.
  • Watch out – make eye contact to be sure they see you!
  • Do not walk and stop halfway across the road – remain beside the road until both lanes are clear for you to cross safely.

(Via Arrive Alive)

We’ve posted a video below to show just how unaware we are of what’s going on around us when we’re glued to our phones:

Video via Youtube

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