3 Tips for Winter Driving

Is your driving up to scratch for tough conditions?

Winter is coming and in some parts of the country it is already here. Over and above personal weather preferences, it’s important to keep in mind that each season comes with it’s own set of challenges The change in weather during winter is particularly important to pay attention to when driving and on the road.

Take a look at Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s top tips for winter driving.

1 When you’re driving on snow and ice

Turn your headlights and fog lights on, engage a lower gear to increase road traction, increase your following distance, drive very slowly, and don’t brake suddenly.

2 When conditions are extremely wet

Turn your headlights on, drive slowly and increase your following distance.

3 To recover from a slide on ice or in the wet

If your vehicle slides in one direction, don’t over-correct by steering in the opposite direction. Instead, take your foot of the brake and steer lightly in the direction of the slide until the vehicle regains traction, then steer in the opposite direction while gently accelerating.

Above all, be patient and polite on our roads. Life is too short to be either the aggressor or the victim of road rage. Winter road conditions can be challenging enough on their own.