4 Interesting Myths About Insurance

Myths about insurance that nobody tells you…

It is said that one shouldn’t believe everything one hears – unless you hear it from a thoroughly reputable source, of course! Well, there are a few myths about insurance that many people think are true. We’re here to debunk them today!

Myth: Your insurance premium is determined by the colour of your car

Have you ever heard that if you buy a red car, your insurance premium will be higher? Your car insurance is not only determined by the colour of your car, but also the type of car, where you park it during the day and at night, your driving history and a few other risk factors.

Myth: Personal car insurance will cover your business too

If you are self-employed and you use your vehicle for your business, be sure to declare this to your insurance company when applying for an insurance quote. Personal vehicle insurance may not protect you in the event of a claim arising from business use, so rather enquire about business insurance if you’re unsure.

Myth: You don’t really need comprehensive cover

It is estimated that more than 50% of South African car owners do not have any car insurance. On top of that, many motorists think that having the bare minimum cover is sufficient. This is especially so if a person hasn’t been in an accident before or regards themselves as “safe” drivers. Accidents do happen, so make sure you have comprehensive insurance – otherwise you may end up spending much more money in the unfortunate event of an unpredictable accident.

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Myth: Thieves only steal new cars

No, they don’t. Research shows that 29% of people think this myth is true. But the fact is that thieves find old cars easier to steal and easier to resell. They could also be more profitable to steal as they can easily be sold for parts.

But, if you really want to hear it from the experts, apply for an online insurance quote today and ask an advisor for their guidance to lead you to the most comprehensive insurance at the most affordable premium. Be safe – get comprehensive insurance today!