4 reasons you will want to be the ''designated driver''

There is an upside to being “designated Dave”

So, you and your friends are having a girls’ night, and you know it’s going to be a big one, there’s only one little problem- who’s driving?

According to Arrive Alive, drunk drivers cause almost 50% of road deaths. Our senses are greatly impaired when we’re under the influence and since driving requires so much of your attention (particularly at night), driving drunk should never even cross your mind.

We’ve all had this dilemma, apparently the last time you drove on a night out was six months ago, so all your friends have voted for you to be ‘designated driver’. Naturally you think now you can’t have fun, right? Wrong!

You can go out for the night with the girls, not drink at all and still have loads of fun. We give you 4 good reasons to feel good about being the so-called ‘designated driver’:

1. Save Money

Living on a budget? Well, now you get to buy that top that you so wanted (or at least that’s how some of us justify overspending on material things), and not feel bad about it. Sometimes buying drink after drink can end up breaking the bank, so you can feel good while sipping on your soft drink.

2. Peace of mind

Being the designated driver shows that you and your friends are responsible adults and care for each other’s safety above anything else. Knowing that no one will be involved in a car crash or getting pulled over, should make you feel good about the fact that someone is looking after the team.

3. Being the photographer

People under the influence of alcohol aren’t the best photographers (nor models). However, they prove to be good for some embarrassing pics- which is always good to have so you and your friends can have a good laugh over it when you get together again.

4.  No hangover

The best feeling is not feeling like you’re dying the next day. So, while all your friends are struggling to stay alive at work, you can have a productive day!