5 cool car gadget ideas for Christmas

5 nifty car gadgets for those who spend a lot of time in their cars…

Stuck for Christmas present ideas? If you’re looking for something for someone who spends a lot of time in their car, we’ve found five car gadget must-haves…

1. Dash cams

Dash cams have become a popular car gadget to have, and the main benefit of having one is that you’ll always have footage of any road incident you’re involved in, which could help when needing to prove that you were not at fault in an accident.

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There are loads of basic and affordable dash cams available, but if you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated, take a look at the Genius Dual Camera Dash Cam from TakeALot.

2. Car Fridge

Unless you’re driving a super premium, new vehicle, keeping your consumables cold (or warm) is probably limited to holding them up in front of the air con. Not ideal!

Take a look at this portable cooling and warming refrigerator that stores foods and drinks for your car journeys, picnics, camping and much more. Available from TakeALot.

3. 360-Rotating Magnetic Phone Holder

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of road accidents and fatalities in South Africa, so keeping your eyes on the road is crucial! A phone holder is a much safer way to view your phone’s navigation system, and if you’re connected to a hands-free device, you can take calls while keeping your hands on the steering-wheel!

Consider this 360 Rotating Magnetic Car Vent Mount for friends and family and help them stay safe on the roads.

4. Wireless Kits

Not all cars come with Bluetooth and/or USB charging points, but the good news is that you don’t necessarily need to upgrade your vehicle to have this! There are a number of wireless/hands-free devices on the market, and here is one that gives you both wireless access as well as a phone charging function!

This wireless 2-in-1 Car Kit from TakeALot supports wireless hands-free phone calling via a built in microphone and can reduce noise using CVC technology.

5. Car Vacuum Cleaner

There’s nothing more time consuming than trying to make a vacuum cleaner extend to your car from a power supply. This nifty little car cleaner simply plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter socket and helps you clean the interior of your car, anytime, anywhere.

Get it from TakeAlot here.