How far will R100 in petrol get you?

A look at some of SA’s most popular cars and how far they can go on R100’s worth of petrol…

The price of fuel has reached an all-time high, putting ‘fuel efficiency’ at the top of every new car buyer’s list.

Business Insider recently compared the distances that some of South Africa’s most popular vehicles can travel on just R100’s worth of fuel. The results were published just after South Africa’s biggest fuel price hike on Wednesday 3 October 2018.

However, editor of Wheels24, Sergio Davids, says that the distance a vehicle can travel on R100’s worth of fuel largely depends on the driver behind the wheel. “A driver can have the most fuel-efficient car in the world, but if with bad driving fuel consumption will still skyrocket,” says Davids.

Take a look at Business Insider’s list of popular cars and how far South African’s can drive them with R100 of petrol…

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