Car maintenance made simple

A guide to simple car maintenance to ensure happy future travels…

If you own a car, you need to maintain it, otherwise you might break down next to the side of the road soon! Here is a guide to some basic car maintenance rules, so that you know what your car needs in order to function properly.

1. Servicing

Not sure when your next service is due? Check your service book: each manufacturer specifies the amount of mileage that your car should have clocked before its next service, as well as which parts will need to be checked and replaced. Your car should be serviced every 12 months, even if you haven’t reached your service interval.

2. Battery

You should have your battery checked during your service if it’s older than three years. If your car is slow to start, especially on cold mornings, you might need to replace it. To keep your battery in good shape, maintain the battery fluid to the correct level and check the charging system regularly. Keep the battery clean of dirt and grease and watch out for things like defective dashboard switches or incorrect V-belt tension, as these drain the battery’s life.

3. Oil and water

It’s vital to check your oil and water at least once a month. You can easily check it when you’re filling up your tank.

4. Brakes

Your brakes should be checked regularly, as they are key to your safety.

5. Clutch

Don’t ride the clutch at stop streets and robots, and don’t rest your foot on the clutch pedal.

6. Cam belt

The manufacturer will recommend how often you need to check your cam belt. It’s crucial that you follow these guidelines, because the cam belt doesn’t usually get checked during a service, and if your cam belt fails, your car engine could get damaged. If you’re buying a second-hand car, you should insist on seeing the relevant invoice for the cam belt service to make sure that it was done properly. If there’s no evidence of the service, it’s best to replace the belt as a precaution.