6 clever car hacks to make life easier

You don’t always need to spend a lot of money to make your car more comfortable.

Sometimes little tips, tricks and hacks can be a lifesaver – especially when it comes to your car. Here we give you a list of the top 6 car tips and tricks:

1Use a shoe organiser to keep important items nearby. You can easily put a shoe organiser in the boot of your car. This way things won’t be lying around and you know where it is if you need it.

2. A cereal container makes for a good portable (and close-able) trash can.

3. Use a half pool-noodle or any other similar soft object to protect your car door from slamming against the garage wall.

4. Use toothpaste to help get rid of scuffs on your car.

5. Use a blanket or something similar as a hammock in the back seat while travelling with your dog. This way your pup won’t fall around and off of the car seat.

6. You can never have enough cup holders! Make a go-anywhere cup holder from an empty tape roll or something similar.