8 driving tips for the changing seasons

Changing seasons affects our driving habits…


The seasons are starting to change already which has an effect on our driving habits. As the sun is starting to rise later and set earlier, many drivers are starting to find themselves driving into the glare.

While squinting as you drive may seem like the best way to handle this, it stops you from seeing all the hazards and there are better ways to help you see.

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Time for a change

The MD of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, said safe driving during the change of the seasons needs a change in driving style. There are various things which we can do to which will increase your vision.

These include:

  1. Raise your seat position so you are higher up.
  2. Lower your visor before you leave so you are not blinded suddenly as you round a corner.
  3. If you can, leave earlier or later when the position of the sun will not be shining directly into your eyes.
  4. Change your route and find a way where the sun is not shining into your eyes or where there is more shade providing protection.
  5. Leave safe following distances and switch your headlights on so other drivers can see you better.
  6. Slow down. Always change your driving speed to suit the conditions not only the speed limit.
  7. Do not use high-gloss vinyl cleaners on your dashboard.
  8. Ensure your windscreen is clean on both the inside and outside. Keep water in the windscreen washer reservoir full in case dirt worsens the glare.

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Another important habit is to wear sunglasses especially ones which are polarised.

“These are designed to considerably reduce glare as well as protect your eyes from the damage staring into the sun can do. Studies say wearing polarised glasses is the only truly effective way of reducing glare. If you wear glasses you can also get antireflective lenses and other options which can protect your eyes too,” said Herbert.

Source: MasterDrive