Getting your car ready to sell

There are a few things you can do before selling your car to make sure you get the best value for it…

Has the time come to buy yourself a new car? Then you may be in the position where you need to sell your current car. If you have taken good care of it, you will enjoy the high resale value you can claim. That means you will get a good price for your car, which can go towards financing the next one.

However, did you know there are a few things you can do before selling your car to make sure you get the best value for it you can?


When prospective buyers are interested in your car, they will be interested in seeing the vehicle-history report as well as the service records. This will give them insight into the condition of the car that can’t be seen from the outset. Even if buyers don’t know to ask to see these records, it is good to be able to offer them as this will bolster your credibility.


It is good to show off a car that doesn’t need any repairs. You might wonder what the point is, as you could leave any repairs to the next owner and just take the cost of repair off the asking price. While you can do this, it is more likely you would get a better price in the end by doing the repairs yourself. Not only does it make a better impression on buyers, but a buyer would likely try to negotiate a better deal for themselves if there was work needed.


Besides getting your car repaired, it should be in tip top shape overall. This includes anything from replacing bulbs to changing the oil. The best is to just take your car in for a full service. The aim is to get your car in the best shape possible so that you can ask for the best price possible.


Make sure your car gets the best cleaning job possible. While it might not be possible to get that new car smell back, you can make it look as good as new. Get a proper deep cleaning job done in the interior, and the exterior should be waxed and polished until it gleams.

This might all sound like a lot of effort to make on something you want to get rid of. Think to yourself though what you personally would expect if you were buying pre-owned cars in South Africa. Even if you are buying a second hand car, you still want to own something that looks like it has been taken care of and is in the best condition it could possibly be. It’s all about impressions. Do the above steps and you will get the best price possible for your vehicle.