How to reduce the risk of remote jamming

With many insurance providers reluctant to process claims for remote jamming incidents, the onus is on YOU to prevent unnecessary theft…

Car remote jamming, which involves the blocking of the signal between a vehicle and its remote so that thieves can easily access your vehicle, has become a common occurrence in South Africa over the years.

As a prevalent crime that takes place in shopping malls and parking lots, many South Africans still fail to safeguard themselves against remote jamming. To make matters worse, not all insurance providers cover vehicle owners for this sort of event, regarding it as ‘an act of negligence on the part of the driver’.

“Whilst many might object to this policy caveat, the problem lies in the ability of the vehicle owner to in fact prove theft, either of the vehicle itself or its contents,” says Nthabiseng Moloi, MiWay Head of Marketing & Brand.

“Without any visible breakages or signs of tampering, an insurer cannot rule out recklessness as a possible reason for damages, essentially rendering the contract null and void.”

With this in mind, protecting yourself against possible remote jamming and theft is more important than ever, and being extra vigilant the next time you walk away from your car is something to bear in mind.

To help reduce the risk of remote jamming, here are some more helpful tips from MiWay…

Double Check

The simple fact of the matter is that car jamming can be avoided simply by paying attention. Thieves count on the fact that most of us are pressed for time and tend to leave our vehicles in a rush, relying on our remotes to do the jobs assigned to them.

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So next time you’re parking in a public space, make sure to allocate a few extra seconds to confirm that your car is locked before walking away. Once the car is locked, there’s nothing that a remote jammer can do to change that.

Don’t Make Yourself a Target

In many instances, car jammers target vehicles for the goods inside them, rather than for the car itself. So in order to make provisions for potential carelessness, it is important to ensure that you keep your valuables out of plain sight. By minimising the appeal of your car as a target, you will be likelier to avoid becoming a victim of theft.

Install a Tracker System

By installing a car tracking system in your vehicle, you not only make it likelier to be recovered in the event that it is stolen, but you also improve the odds of a successful claim. By reducing your risk status, you put yourself in a stronger position to claim for damages, as insurers are better placed to track your vehicle’s movements and establish proof of your claim.