How to properly test drive a car

Here are our five tips on test driving a car before you buy it…

One of the most important things to do when you’re looking to buy a car is the test drive. After your house or flat, a car can be one of the most expensive thing you buy, so why would you not want to test it out first?

Here are our top 5 tips on how to properly test drive a car:

1. Take your time

Remember, a car is an expensive buy, so you have the right to take your time and test it out. Don’t rush through the drive just because you feel like the sales person is getting irritated etc. You should try to get a test drive of about an half hour to drive on a few different roads and see if the car suits your lifestyle.

2. Test the handling

A vehicle’s handling can be a very important aspect of your ownership experience. Although you may love the way a certain car looks, the way it drives can make or break how much you actually enjoy having the car.

3. Listen, listen listen

This is one drive where you better turn off the music and use your ears. It is important for you as a future owner to listen to the noise of the car. Noise is a very frequent complaint from customers, and if you want a smooth drive, some cars might not adhere to your policies. If you are driving a second hand car, also be sure to listen for any rattles or weird sounds.

4. Bring someone along

It’s best to bring someone along that knows a little about cars, or someone who has bought a car before. This way the other person might point something out that you haven’t or wouldn’t have noticed.

5. Play around

Don’t just drive the car- you should also play around with the features and tech in the car. See what  the car has to offer besides the driving aspect! If you are unsure of anything, just ask the salesperson- they’ll most probably help you out!