Have you been in a car accident? These tips could help you cope with the aftermath

Helping you cope after a car accident…

When someone has undergone a dramatic event such as a car accident, the consequences can be dire and some people even find it difficult to start driving again after the accident, as some accidents can lead to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Here are some tips to help you cope after an ordeal like this:

1. Talking about your accident is the first step to making peace with it. Get counselling instead of trying to deal with it yourself, and do it as soon as possible. Talk about the accident in as much detail as possible. This “piecing together” seems to help subside the fragmenting effect of trauma and gives you a sense of having gained a grip on your fearfulness.

2. Realising that there’s life after your traumatic event often helps people deal with their fears. There comes a point when you no longer want the accident to have too much of an influence on your life.

3. You may experience panic attacks when you get back behind the wheel but it’s recommended that you do it as soon as possible. Not only will you claim back your freedom but it will also give you the chance to feel in control on and off the road.

4. Reclaiming your life and confidence takes time, and having a strong support system will aid the process. Supporting an accident victim usually involves considerable patience and understanding.

5. At the same time, there comes a point when the loved one no longer needs to be treated as “the patient” and a return to life “as normal” (albeit different) begins. It’s a tough process but it’s surprising how resilient people are and how well they cope with the devastating consequences of their injuries.