This is how you rate your Uber driver!

And yes, it is important!

We have done numerous reports on horrific incidents involving unmarked taxis. We at Women on Wheels have always been a huge supporter of Uber, even if some people disagreed. I do not understand how someone cannot be a supporter of Uber. In my experience it has been efficient, safe and reliable. All the things I look for in a taxi service. If you have had a different experience, then you need to report it. The problem is, so many people complain but don’t do anything about it. On the odd occasion where I have had a negative Uber experience, I complained and something was done about it. You have no excuse now, here is how you rate an Uber driver:

Uber rating

5 stars: This was a good trip. The driver was approachable, helpful and the car was presentable. You reached your destination on time and were able to sit back and relax. Overall it was a seamless experience and you left in a good mood.

3 stars: This was an average trip. You experienced one of the following” the driver was unpleasant to be on a trip with, the car was not presentable, or the driver got lost. Overall experience was not a good experience.

1 star: This was a terrible trip. Everything was wrong with this trip. The driver was rude and the vehicle was not in a good condition. Estimated time of arrival was missed and the driver was not able to follow the GPS correctly.

SIX STAR DRIVERS: This is something I often do when I have experienced a driver who was just superb. If a driver has gone above and beyond or the service was really amazing please rate them a 5 star and then write a comment letting Uber know about your experience. You can even share or tag @Uber_RSA #UberHeroes

There is a reason for this rating system…it is to ensure the best service possible. So if you have any problems, complain! And if you experience wonderful service, share it!