This is what airport parking will actually cost you in JHB (OR Tambo)

Where you choose to park will determine what you pay…

These days, conscious spending is something most of have to implement in our daily lives, what with the cost of living already taking its toll on our wallet.

If you add up all your monthly expenses, perhaps your parking fees take up a huge chunk of your income and you find yourself trying to find the cheapest rates possible.

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Airport parking fees can catch you off guard, especially if you’re planning on leaving your car at the airport for more than a few hours. In fact some may be  unaware that different parkades come with different rates. But if you do your homework (and read below) you might be able to save yourself some pennies by opting for cheaper parkades, such as ‘long-stay parking’.

OR Tambo International Airport Parking Rates

[These tariffs, which were taken  directly from OR Tambo International Airport’s website, were effective as from 2016.]